Enjoy Cooking in Cool and Clean Kitchen

Cool cooking is in. These days no kitchen is complete without an efficient cooker hood to protect against condensation, grease and cooking odors. With modular and fabricated kitchen being the norm today and people spending much on kitchen décor, now is the time to plan to cool, soot free kitchen.

In Indian kitchens, it is mostly a case of the fryer getting fried. The reason for this is that Indian cooking requires a lot of frying, which results in the release of a lot of oil particles and gases. The oil gets deposited on the top of kitchen cupboards, walls and ceiling. The sticky layer traps dust and forms a thick coating. This spoils the expensive kitchen cabinets, appliances, curtains, walls and ceilings. Cleaning this layer of grime is a major hassle for the housewife.

Cooker hoods (Chimney) are important so that you don’t have to worry about oily stains and the smell of last night’s dinner lingering in the kitchen. Cooker hoods effectively eliminate such problems by pulling smoke from all directions and ensuring non-greasy working surfaces and floors that requires little cleaning. Cooker hoods are installed on top of your cooking range to quickly remove odors, heat and smoke from the kitchen. The kitchen will not smell like fish, remain cool and will not set off the smoke detector from time to time.

Now in India we have a range of cooker hoods designed to complement and blend in with all kitchen decors. Kaff has introduced a range of cooker hoods with impeccable design and finish. These are fitted with a motor that comes with airflow capacities up to 1000 cubic meter per hour. We have also paid a lot of emphasis to the suction capacity, noise level and the price factor.

Kaff, a name known for adding class and convenience to modern kitchen, presents its new collection of new-age kitchen appliances and accessories. In tune with the changing lifestyles and tastes, each Kaff product is designed to offer high aesthetics and optimum functionality. The chimneys, hobs, trolleys and shelves combine world class design and functionality to offer value for money to the consumer.

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Advanced Extractors – Falmec Range

KAFF, one of Italy’s best-known premium designer Cooker Hood brands are launching their new range Falmec. Hi-technology, design and functionality are the hallmarks of Falmec. The company developed from a semi-artisan enterprise, which was transformed into a true and proper industry, creating innovative products and avant-grade design where technological, contents blend with sophisticated design. Twenty-five years of technological investment and continuous innovation has enabled the company to offer more and more advanced extractors that have great longevity. Drawing inspiration from the classic, Kaff Cooker Hoods are graceful in design and work to retain your freshness and youth. Their sleek look is matched by their quiet performance. Smoke, steam and grease vanish as the hood effectively covers both from and rear burners.

KAFF also introduce Mirabilia – a two-in-one Zebra art wonder. Not only, is it one of the most advanced designer Cooker Hoods in India, but in addition, its features like brilliant aesthetics, ranks it on top on the competitive pedestal.

Exquisite design of Onda, Concord, Diamante and Excellence carry forward Kaff’s rich legacy of world-class technology. Also it has unique features that provide motor protection metal rack, multilevel perimetric suction and sound absorbing panel with magnetic safety hooking, which result in trouble free performance.

With 10mm thickness scotch brite stainless steel AISI 304 Panel along with stratified technology and electronic optional control, fulfilling all major European Standards.

KAFF uniqueness is here to stay.